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Pool Maintenance serv

Living in Florida means hot summers and pleasant, not-too-cold winters. The warm weather makes pool-side relaxation ideal, but with time, the heat, humidity, and unpredictable weather can take a toll and cause damage to your pool. Your pool pumps, filters, or even the support structure can be damaged significantly, and more often than not, professional help is needed to address these problems and fix them promptly and efficiently. Superb Pool’s pool repair services serve Coconut Creek and other areas in South Florida, with more than 400 projects under our belt and eight years of expertise.

Superb Pools will address your leaks, resurfacing needs, pool deck deterioration, filter and pump damage, and more. Call (954) 645-7292 today and request a FREE quote for our pool repair services.

Addressing Your Swimming Pool Issues

Superb Pools is equipped to address all kinds of swimming pool problems. After a thorough inspection, we’ll identify the problem, find leaks, inform you of the root cause of your damaged pool, and provide you with an estimate. We tackle the following parts and find the root problem of your malfunctions:

Pool Maintenance serv
Pool Maintenance serv

Pool Pump Repair

Your pool pumps are in charge of keeping your water clear and keeping your water filtration intact, so when they’re damaged or malfunctioning, it can cause issues stemming from stagnant water and debris, unusual noises like grinding and squealing, and water leaks from loose connections or cracked pipes. Our repair technicians will fix all your pump problems before you know it.

Pool Filter Repair

Despite their functionality, like keeping your water clean from impurities, pool filters can suddenly stop working. If you’re experiencing issues with them, Superb Pools can identify the problem (like cracks, leaks, pressure problems, and cartridge wear) and replace and repair your filters efficiently to enjoy your pool again.

Pool Maintenance serv
Pool Maintenance serv

Pool Heaters and Heat Pump Repair

Maintaining your heat pump properly is essential to maintaining water temperature, so if you’re experiencing inconsistent heating, a low output, or signs of corrosion and rust, it’s time to call Superb Pools to restore your heat pumps and address probable damages.

Chlorine System Repair

A malfunctioning chlorine system can throw it for a loop. Chlorine is essential for sanitizing and eliminating bacteria and keeping you safe while you use your pool. Superb Pools will fix your chlorinator problems like clogged feed lines and malfunctioning valves, chlorine imbalances, and saltwater chlorine generator issues at affordable rates.

Pool Maintenance serv
Pool Maintenance serv

Pool Heaters and Heat Pump Repair

An unattended leak can cause extensive damage to your pool, and getting it fixed as soon as possible should be a swimming pool owner’s priority. Using state-of-the-art leak detection, we’ll find the source of the damage, like cracked pipes and connections, and perform minor and extensive repairs customized to your needs. Superb Pools will address:

  • Pipe, valve, or fitting leaks
  • Liner and tile leaks
  • Cracked pool shells
  • Skimmer and return line leaks

Other Pool Repair Services

We address all pool issues and provide services to fix them. Superb Pools’ services are designed to revitalize your pool, prolong its lifespan, and maintain it in optimal condition. We also offer:

  • Pool Resurfacing
  • Pool Deck Repair
  • Pool Plastering and Refinishing
  • Pool Patching
Pool Maintenance serv
Pool Maintenance serv

Identifying Common Signs of Pool Trouble With Superb Pools

Knowing what to look for when you think your pool is experiencing a malfunction is crucial. Common signs your pool needs repairing are:

  • Water Loss
  • Green or Cloudy Water
  • Foul Water Odors
  • Decreased Water Circulation
  • Increased Energy Bills
  • Unusual Noises
  • Visible Cracks or Damage
  • Diminished Water Return
  • Inconsistent Water Temperature

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